Clinton Eastwood and the gun vote

One of the commentators made a remark during Bill O’Reilly’s coverage of the GOP convention yesterday that Clinton Eastwood was brought in to get the gun vote for Mitt Romney.  O’Reilly’s  (paraphrased) response was that there is no way gunnies would vote for Obama and it was just a matter if they would vote at all.

This is true.  I still don’t see any great enthusiasm from the gun community to turn out the vote for Romney, even after the addition of the legitimately pro-gun Paul Ryan to the ticket.  NRA’s “All In” campaign isn’t very inspiring either.

3 thoughts on “Clinton Eastwood and the gun vote

  1. I tend not to put any stock, at all, in anything O’Really? says about guns.
    The idiot will argue about laws he knows nothing about, and double down when politely corrected by a congressman who knows (and, apparently doesn’t like) the laws in question.

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