Cuomo’s initiative

Here is the press release announcing Governor Cuomo’s new “Comprehensive Initiative to Reduce Gun Violence.”  It is significant for what is does and what it does not.

What it does is waste a bunch of money on vague, touchy-feely “community-based programs” along with starting a “state-wide advertising campaign focused on reducing gun violence.”

What it does not do is call for more gun control laws.  Michelle Schimel has been asking Cuomo to put microstamping legislation in the state budget.  Carolyn McCarthy asked him to come out in opposition to H.R. 822.  He blew both of them off.  That is not an insignificant thing.  NYAGV cannot be happy with him.

One Response to “Cuomo’s initiative”

  1. Matthew Carberry Says:

    Sure “Hugs for Thugs” is wasted money, but that’s the kind of “nothing you do instead of something” proposal I’d rather see out of an nominally anti-gun politician as opposed to actual anti-gun legislation or executive orders.

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