Romney’s position

Mitt Romney has posted a position statement on guns.

He’s not putting anything on the table for gun rights activists.  It’s just words with no substance.  It won’t make him any new friends, but probably won’t make him any new enemies either.

3 thoughts on “Romney’s position

  1. “Mitt strongly support the right of all law-abiding Americans…”

    Maybe he should have had his position on guns written by somebody who speaks English.

  2. “No Constitutional protection is more often ignored, distorted, or disdained than the individual right to keep and bear arms.”

    – Mitt Romney, 5/15/09

    That’s ominous, but at least he’s letting us know that we should expect the usual ignorance, distortion and disdain from him because they’re commonplace. Of course, it would be foolish to expect otherwise from the former governor of Marxachusetts.

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