Turner pro-gun

More fallout in CD-9.  The Queens Chronicle reports, “Upset! Republican Turner wins congressional seat“:

“… [David Weprin] tried to paint [Bob Turner] as a radical Tea Party Republican whose views are out of line with the people of the district … Turner also backs Second Amendment gun rights, while Weprin is pro-gun control …”

This is the first media statement I have seen calling Turner pro-gun.  I’ll believe it if he votes for H.R. 822.

As for Weprin, what did the Brady’s/NYAGV do for their man?  Nothing.

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5 thoughts on “Turner pro-gun

  1. You have to realize that if an elected official doesn’t goosestep to the march of gun control, than said elected official is considered ‘pro gun’, regardless of his/her actual views on guns.

    This is what happens in NJ.

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