Not out of the question

Fresh off Bob Turner’s upset win comes speculation that New York will be in play in next year’s presidential election.  From the NY Post:

“Gleeful Republican leaders said tonight that Bob Turner’s stunning victory for Anthony Weiner’s vacant city congressional seat shows that New York is in play in next year’s presidential race … Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour said a GOP presidential nominee could carry New York for the first time since Ronald Reagan in 1984 and help defeat President Obama …”

It is too soon to suggest that New York will be up for grabs, but if things keep going the way they are going it is not out of the question.  The first warning sign came last month when the President’s poll numbers showed for the first time his negatives were higher than his positives in the state.  Obama is having similar problems in California too.  The CD-9 election was a warning shot across the bow which the Obama campaign seems to be taking seriously.


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