Private sales are outrageous

The incoming DNC chief is an antigun wacko.  The Hill reports:

“The new head of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) is pushing for screenings of all gun purchases.  Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz said the current law, which allows private firearm sales without background checks, is “outrageous.”  The Florida Democrat is sponsoring a soon-to-be-released proposal extending the screening requirements to all gun purchases, commercial or private.  “It is outrageous that gun buyers evade the background check system every day, even in broad daylight,” Wasserman Schultz said Monday at a gun reform rally in Miami sponsored by Mayors Against Illegal Guns …”

Democrats have learned nothing.  This pretty much guarantees that guns will be a big issue in next years elections and that will be detrimental to their party up and down the ticket.  Chances of a Republican supermajority in the Senate are going up.


6 thoughts on “Private sales are outrageous

  1. I wouldn’t place a large bet on that hoped for Republican supermajority in the Senate; given the way Republicans in the House are screwing up on the budget deal, you just might see a three-way with Dems, Repubs and Independents/Third Partiers. Too damn many Repubs are nothing but RINOs.

  2. The question for us is how do we encourage her to keep this up until election time.

    It won’t be easy. Other Dem leaders will suggest that she hold off until after the elections are over.

  3. Remember this is the same gal that Eric Cantor held hands with to destroy the Ohio Republican candidate Rich Iott in November. Why? Because he is a WWII re-enactor. I don’t trust either the dems or repukelians.

  4. Good. She didn’t read Sun Tzu’s sage advice on “formlessness”. It’s good to have foolish enemies. Wasserman Schultz has foolishly declared war on America’s gun owners. Now we know exactly where she and her Democratic National Committee stand. She will not enjoy the response to her foolishness.

  5. I remember the Demoncrat party paraded this dingbat out to comment on the Gabby Giffords tragedy (along with Kirsten Gillibrand – the other dingbat) presumably to present a united blond front for the “party”. She appears to be just another pink puppet for Chuck U. Schumer and the other high ranking puppet-masters in the DNC.

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