Bad sign for antis

Good commentary from Newsweek on the elections, “The Actual Bad Sign for Democrats from Tuesday“:

“Unlike the New York City Mayoral, or the Virginia Governor’s race, there is a really bad sign for Democrats out of the East Coast … Republicans made inroads in New York’s suburbs … Why does this matter so much? Because the New York suburbs epitomize the new Blue America. Twenty some-odd years ago … Westchester and Long Island represented the success of the Reagan Revolution. White ethnics, often Catholic, whose parents had lived in the city and voted Democratic, were turning to Republicans for lower taxes, strong national security, and traditional family values. But the New York suburbs led the way back to Democratic dominance … Pro-gun control candidates such as Rep. Carolyn McCarthy from Long Island started picked up seats in the 1990s … During the Democrats most recent identity crises, after they lost the 2004 election, NY Senator Chuck Schumer wrote a whole book about how Democrats can and should appeal to voters like the ones in the New York suburbs. He knows just how important they are: traditionally in New York politics the city votes heavily Democratic and Upstate favors Republicans. The suburbs decide elections …”

Gun control clearly wasn’t the main issue in either the NYC or Westchester races.  Taxes are what killed off Andy Spano in Westchester, although WCFOA did do a members mailing prior to the election.  Bloomberg paid his own way in the City, but where was New Yorkers Against Gun Violence in Westchester?  Spano had been their mouthpiece for a dozen years on a bunch of issues, pistol licensing, gun shows at the Civic Center, gun bans, mandatory storage, etc.  What they they do for him?  Money, volunteers?  He got bupkis.  Spano is just another example of little real political power the antis have to move elections in the state.

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