Bad analysis

From the Times Union, “A central lesson in the 23rd“:

“For all the money that national conservative groups poured into the race for the 23rd Congressional District, their candidate lost. That is the undeniable bottom line … all that advertising and support from … a host of other outside … pro-gun groups didn’t make voters think much differently. Those groups could not persuade a majority of voters to believe in a platform that they didn’t endorse … New Yorkers as a whole … They tend to be more interested in sensible gun control than ensuring that every citizen can pack heat …”

Except the gun issue wasn’t an issue in the race.  The NRA rated both Doug Hoffman and Bill Owens as “AQ” based upon their candidate questionnaires and the Brady Bunch was nowhere to be seen.  Gunnies had nothing to win or lose in that race no matter who came out ahead.

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2 thoughts on “Bad analysis

  1. The Times Union is viciously against gun rights. If it rained blue M&M’s they would say it showed the need for more gun control. Spinning the victory of an NRA “A” rated candidate into a call for more gun control is just plain nuts, which is a reminder of how bad life would be under these dishonest Bolshie wannabes if we let them disarm us.

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