Election aftermath

Mayor Bloomberg won re-election.  Gee, what a surprise.  And he only had to spend $100,000,000 plus of his own money to do it too.  In spite of this, all he was able to get was 50.61% of the vote.  Still, a win is a win and we’re going to have to put up with him for 4 more years.  The Times thinks this slim victory will diminish his political clout.  I like this quote:

… “I campaigned for Bloomberg eight years ago,” said David Gibson, 60, a computer worker. “But he changed because of a strange personality shift that took place. He went from being loveable, likeable and amiable to a guy who comes out very defensive and intolerant.” …

I think he’s always been that way.  It’s just become that much more apparent to people who don’t usually pay that close attention to politics.  As to his antigun agenda, I don’t see how he comes out in a stronger political position because of this.  I also don’t see him stopping one bit either.

Elseware, the only MAIG member we specifically targeted was Binghamton Mayor Matt Ryan as being the most vulnerable.  He is barely leading his two opponents by 61 votes with 39.86% of the vote to GOP challenger Rich David’s 39.25% and independent candidate Doug Drazen’s 20.88%.  The absentee ballots will be looked at and a final vote count will be available on the 12th.  Even if he does end up winning, he had to spend tens of thousands of his own money to do it.

2 thoughts on “Election aftermath

  1. Matt Ryan is a member of MAIG? This should have been publicized more aggressively. Broome County has a lot of sportsman and gun owners and this knowledge could have made the difference.

    You don’t have to wait until the 12th either. I’m afraid that he’s won re-election. There are 500 absentee ballots out. With a 61 vote lead that means that Rich David would need to get 63% of the remaining ballots in order to close the gap with Ryan. That isn’t likely to happen under a two-way race, so I’m not holding my breath and expecting it to happen under a three-way race.

    It’s pretty sad that Ryan can become the Mayor of a city when 60% of it voted against him. Too bad NYS doesn’t have a provision for run-off elections.

  2. We did member mailings for the primary and general elections which said he joined MAIG while NRA did a members mailing in the first week of Sept. asking members to contact Ryan and ask he drop out of MAIG.

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