Not a given

Julie Sobel’s over at Hotline On Call writes, “NRA Already In Position To Celebrate In 2012.”  There are some problems with her analysis:

“… Unlike in 2008, when the Republican ticket was topped by Arizona Sen. John McCain (R), whose mixed record on gun control has earned him a NRA rating of C+, a look at the potential 2012 field – even including Pres. Obama — suggests that gun rights activists may already be in a position to celebrate.  “It’s inconceivable that the Republicans would nominate a candidate who was not 100% with the NRA,” said Robert Spitzer, author of the book “The Politics of Gun Control” …”

Two words: Mitt Romney.  He has not gone away.  He’s F rated from his time as Massachusetts Governor.  I believe he will put his hat into the ring for ’12.

“… Not only are Republican contenders sticking to their guns, Democratic leaders have essentially decided to cede the argument on gun control …”

No, they have not and nobody believes they have either.  They just haven’t put it on the front burner because they know the issue is a stinker.  That does not mean that at some more opportune time they will bring it up again.

It is entirely possible the GOP will screw up and either nominate a “moderate” on guns and/or nominate a generally weak candidate who ends up losing the general election.  It is way to early to celebrate.

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4 thoughts on “Not a given

  1. Agree with Jacob 100%.

    Anti’s haven’t given up. They’re doing everything they can.
    How did she decide that they gave up?

    Is she Nostradamus? If not how can she predict what will happen in 2 years?

    Lastly, we’re better off with an “Anti” Democrat than a RINO.

    Remember Bush 1 and Pataki?

  2. “Lastly, we’re better off with an “Anti” Democrat than a RINO.”

    True. Mario made a lot of noise, but when Pataki caved we had nowhere to turn to – we were screwed and we still are. Thank you forever, George, we will never forget you, and I mean that in a good way. 🙂

    If the Republicans give us a RINO Romney, we’ll give them the end of their party. If your party can’t support your base, your party is too incompetent to have any business in politics and you’ll be shown the door.

    Now, what’s this Tea Party I’ve been hearing about?

  3. I love the sound of freshly voted-out-of-power Democrats begging recently empowered Republicans to be more like vicious, intolerant, hater Democrats on the gun rights issue. It sounds like victory. 🙂

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