Helmke not a good liar

Brady Bunch President Paul Helmke on SCOTUS incorporating the 2nd Amendment from the Dallas Morning News:

“It’s not that worrisome.”

Oh, yes it is for them.  New York gun law is based entirely upon the notion that there is no RKBA and the state can do whatever it pleases.  Incorporation by SCOTUS would open up all sorts of new legal challenges here and elseware and Helmke knows it.  So does Mayor Bloomberg.

For example, the Sullivan Law.  If gun ownership is a right, how can the state require a license even for simple possession?  If somehow licensing itself can be justified, how can it be discretionary?  If you can keep a gun in the home for personal protection, then why can you not carry with you for the same reason?  It’s not like freedom of religion only applies when you’re in church.  Is it reasonable for the state deny a right to non-residents?  That’s certainly not the case for freedom of speech.

What I would like to see come out of the Chicago gun case is something that says laws pertaining to the 2nd Amendment must be held to the same standards of strict scrutiny as the rest of the Bill of Rights.  That would be the best for future legal challenges.

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5 thoughts on “Helmke not a good liar

  1. Why should Helmke worry? Heller allowed for “reasonable restrictions”. The Brady Center will be milking that phrase in its fundraising mailings for the next hundred years. Helmke will continue to be well paid for scheming against our gun rights, until he dies of old age as did Benedict Arnold.

  2. True, but if we get strict scrutiny those “reasonable restrictions” will be much more on our terms than theirs.

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