Pro-gunners should do this

Spectrum News reports:

“On Tuesday, a group of House Democrats, including Hudson Valley Rep. Pat Ryan, announced plans to attempt an end-run around GOP leadership to force a vote on banning military-style semi-automatic guns and enhancing background checks for gun purchases. They introduced a legislative tool called a discharge petition. If they get a majority of House lawmakers to sign on, they can bring the bills up for consideration. “We’re not going to stick by the old rules. We’re not going to wait for [Speaker] Kevin McCarthy, his MAGA extremist allies, who all day long lecture about public safety and crime,” Ryan said …”

The antis in Albany used to do this when Republicans still controlled the State Senate as well.

The chicken-shit Republicans never do this. It won’t work legislative, but it does help politically by keeping their agenda alive and putting the opposition on the defensive. It generates media attention and helps with fundraising. Republicans, especially in Albany, are too cowardly and stupid to do this on any issue. This is a major reason why they are now super-minority in the state legislature.

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