Make Gianaris the scapegoat

It looks like while Republicans appear to have a majority in the House, the Senate will remain in Democrat hands.

The election results were less than what I’d hoped for, but there are some bright spots including this:

“… the guy Dems can most readily finger for this mess is Queens state Sen. Mike Gianaris, who’s universally seen as the prime mover of New York Dems’ disastrous redistricting debacle. Yes, he’s only the deputy Senate majority leader, but the No. 1, Andrea Stewart-Cousins, by all accounts lets him handle a lot. (So much so that some call her a mere figurehead.) And he definitely took point on redistricting … That opened the door for Republicans to go to court to get the “Hochulmander” (so called because the gov signed on) tossed and have a truly neutral expert draw up fair, compact districts without regard for either party’s advantage. And on that level playing field, Republicans took the seats …”

Hopefully the Democrats will throw Gianaris under the bus.

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