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2 thoughts on “Newsbits

  1. Replicas? Well, as Alice Cooper put it, “My Dick”, oh, sorry, that was, “My Stars”. Sorry about that!
    Here it is, Kathy Hochful take note:
    My biggest problem with Alice Cooper is that he fails to raise his voice against the indecencies of the NYS Department of Education. Alice has lost the voice that he should have against the bureaucracy. Alice, where has your rebellion gone?

  2. Alice: “Sorry, had to sell out! Sorry if I sound like a Brit! Self-preservation, you know! The globalists are so predatory, you know! Suck up, or get cut up, as we say, these days! It seems that my rebelliousness has been totally subordinated these days! So, I’m totally homo, trans, whatever!
    Alice, fuck you.
    “’bout them apples, fool”

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