Candidate Jamie Cheney on guns

The Register-Star has an article on Jamie Cheney, one of several Democrats vying for the party nomination in CD-19.

Her position on guns:

“… Cheney, 43, said another priority of her campaign and one she’d like to focus on if elected is the prevalence of gun violence in the nation. “We are in a gun violence epidemic,” she said. “I have three boys who are in elementary school children. On the way to schools the day after the Texas shooting, my son said, “Mommy, if the shooter comes to my classroom, should I hide in the bathroom or should I try to climb out the window?” No parent should need to answer that question. No child should be going into their school thinking about that question. We absolutely must put in place common sense gun legislation. That will be a complete priority for me in office.” …”

She’s serious about that. Here’s some of her virtue signaling:

Crowd control was not an issue at this event.