Adams’ ghoulish response to critics

Things aren’t going well for Eric Adams so he’s trying whining to Congress about gun control:

“New York City Mayor Eric Adams in an interview on Sunday pointed to the recent fatal shooting of a 12-year-old Brooklyn boy to repeat his call for Congress to pass stricter gun control laws. Adams, appearing in a pretaped segment on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” said critics who argue New York’s strict gun control laws show that restrictions have been ineffective in stopping a rise in gun violence, should “go visit” Kade Lewin, the 12-year-old who was shot and killed in a parked car Thursday while eating dinner with his family …”

The City and State implemented all the gun control the antis wanted and it is clear they don’t prevent “gun violence.”  Rather than admit the obvious failure of those policies, Adams wants his critics to visit the grave of an innocent victim of those policy failures because … what?  That doing so will somehow convince the critics that were wrong to point out the failure of his dumb ideas in the first place?

If Adams is this bad now after a few months in office how bad is he going to be after four years?