This isn’t a win

Republicans are gloating at Gov. Cuomo’s upcoming resignation on Tuesday:

Cuomo resigns

Let’s be clear on this: Cuomo leaving office is a blessing. However, it is definitely not a win, especially for the Republicans who appear too stupid to recognize they didn’t beat Cuomo at anything.

Democrats got tired enough with his shit that he decided to resign on his terms rather than try and fight back even though he might have won. There was no rejection of his policies, just his personal behavior, and it in no ways suggests a political shift towards Republicans. If anything, leaving early allows Democrats to claim that they recognized there was a problem and dealt with it more than a year before the ’22 elections at which point people’s memories will have faded.

As for his record on the issues, the media is already beginning to gloss-over his early departure by writing, “… [Gov. Cuomo] notched some historic victories for New York, paving a path of social progress that will resound for years to come …” . This includes his signature SAFE Act, which despite the fact that it is blowing up in everyone’s face, not a single elected official will criticize in public.

The state legislature will return in January and the gun control agenda will move forward without Cuomo.