Gun control in the ’21 State of the State

From Gov. Cuomo’s State of the State:

“… “Under the leadership of Governor Cuomo, New York has long led the nation’s fight against domestic violence and with the tragic increase in this heinous acts spurred on by the pandemic, we are doubling-down on those efforts,” said Melissa DeRosa, Secretary to the Governor and Chair of the New York State Council on Women and Girls. “This disgusting behavior must end and to do that, we are fighting to ensure abusers can no longer exploit loopholes to obtain guns and are the ones forced pay for the results of their devastation … Currently, in order to disqualify individuals found guilty of serious misdemeanors from obtaining a New York gun license, they must be found to have committed the crime against someone with whom they were in a domestic relationship after a separate hearing. Many disqualifying domestic violence misdemeanors are not “labeled” as such because the process to label state-disqualifying DV misdemeanors is cumbersome. While New York took a step towards closing this loophole in 2020 by ensuring that court clerks report these disqualifying convictions in a timely manner, some convicted of serious misdemeanors may still be able to purchase a gun if this multi-step process is not followed. As a result, some convicted of serious misdemeanors have still been allowed to purchase a gun. Governor Cuomo proposes the creation of a domestic violence misdemeanor label to close the domestic violence gun-purchasing loophole. …”

I expect a bill to be introduced on that soon.

As I predicted, the new Westchester D.A. is going to be pointman on gun control:

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3 thoughts on “Gun control in the ’21 State of the State

  1. Jacob,
    With regard to the events at the U.S. Capitol this Wednesday. Sir! I have never seen such audacity on the part of undocumented tourists! And the selfies! They were taking selfies, Sir! The sacrilege, Sir, oh, the sacrilege! Selfies in the sacred Socialist Capitol of the United States of America, Sir! Members of the American people having the audacity to actually, personally appear, in person, in, “The People’s House”!!! Why, how dare they, Sir!!! These mongrels have no idea that this is a temple of elites, the best Americans ever, not at all for the hoi polli, these common, ordinary, every day Americans, who stay at mere Holiday Inns, and eat the horrible fare at Olive Gardens!!!
    In the mean time, we Dems need to get on with burning, looting and rioting against our much hated, United States of America. Heck! We haven’t even burned down half of it yet! Capitalism has been very successful in America, so it’s going to take some time to burn it all down, but our Dem politicians have been very helpful with their enforced business shutdowns – we don’t need to actually burn down a business to burn it down – our Dems are doing that communist work for us with their shut downs. Cool!!!

  2. Given Nancy’s distaste for the common man, I’ll be she gets a whole new Office and Furniture out of it….bet she needs a new Lap-Top Computer too!

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