Fake mailing follow-up

A follow-up story to the fake mailing a couple weeks ago is in today’s Buffalo News, “Niagara GOP chair calls for probe of ‘dirty pool’ political mail“:

Niagara County Republican Chairman Richard L. Andres Jr. called Monday for an investigation into a seemingly bogus letter, sent to voters before the June 23 primary for county judge. The letter, from a group called the Coalition for Safe Schools, supported tough gun control laws and endorsed the GOP-backed Caroline A. Wojtaszek for county judge on that basis. But Andres said the letter was sent to GOP and Conservative voters most likely to oppose gun regulation, in an apparent attempt to tarnish Wojtaszek with them …”

I’m curious to know who was behind the mailing as well.  Obviously it was someone opposed to Wojtaszek, but I’m interested in why they choose gun control instead of some other issue.

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