Fake mailing in Niagara County

Questionable political ads during the campaign are nothing new. Years ago upstate Democrats made use of the hunting license list to target Fudds with election mailings touting their candidates for being supposedly pro-hunting while concealing their anti-gun voting records.

This, however, takes that tactic a step further:

“… During the primary campaign, a mailer was sent to areas of the most pro-Second Amendment and gun rights communities in Niagara County from an organization that is decidedly in FAVOR of gun control. This pro-gun control organization touted the gun control credentials of Congressional candidate Nate McMurray and judicial candidate Carole Wojtaszek. It mentioned how these two candidates won the group’s endorsement because they support a robust agenda to essentially take gun rights away and keep our kids safe. This mailer, authored by Safe Schools Coalition, and sent to pro-gun rights voters, arrived in voters’ mailboxes on the day before the primary … Think about it: A mailer with Nancy Pelosi and other well-known liberals’ names attached to a group that supports stringent gun control, sent to an audience that is against more gun control! The endorsement of McMurray and Wojtaszek was meant to enrage voters against McMurray and Wojtaszek …”

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