James’ NRA lawsuit helps the GOP

Interesting analysis:

I believe this has some merit because many NRA members and supporters won’t dig down past the headline, “Attorney General James Files Lawsuit to Dissolve NRA.” However, the problem for the NRA is James’ investigation was brought about due to financial mismanagement on the part of the Board and I have not seen anyone dispute that.

From a purely political standpoint, it is in James’ interest to hurt the Biden campaign for if he loses it could open the door to Gov. Cuomo running in ’24. I believe James will run for Governor once Cuomo eventually leaves office.

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2 thoughts on “James’ NRA lawsuit helps the GOP

  1. It’s is almost saying you think James is throwing a bone here to us. Sort of an enemy of my enemy type thing.

    Could back fire?

    You think it could?

  2. No. I think she went for dissolution to make it known she’s serious. I believe she will settle for a restructuring of the Board plus restitution, fines. It would not surprise me if she goes after some people with criminal charges too.

    NRA’s counterclaim of 1st Amendment violation is complete bullshit.

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