Republican Political Theater

The Assembly Codes Committee will meet tomorrow morning at 9:00am.

In an annual event several of the (useless) Republicans have asked their pro-gun bills be on the agenda for discussion: A-1755, A-2487, A-4428, A-4496, A-5376 and A-5440. They’re not the least bit serious about any of them. This is nothing more than cheap political theater so that they can go home to their districts and say they’re standing up for 2A.

If Republicans really wanted to stand up for the Second Amendment there are two things they would be doing right now:

  1. Elected representatives and party officials would be all over in the media talking up the failure of the state’s gun control laws and demanding restoration of our civil rights and implementation of right-to-carry.
  2. Assembly Republicans would make Motions for Discharge on the chamber floor for their bills.  This is an attempt to bypass Codes and bring bills up directly for a full house vote.  This is what antigun advocates did for years in the Senate when the Republicans were in charge. It won’t work as the Democrat Majority would vote along party lines to block it.  What is would do is force the antis to publicly defend their position in the face of increased shootings across the state and the obvious failure of Governor Cuomo’s SAFE Act.

Republicans won’t do either of these.  While they may be personally pro-gun, they lack the intellectual and intestinal fortitude to defend their beliefs.  If they cannot do that there is no reason to vote for them.

Committee proceedings will be streamed live here.

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