Gun control organizations launch voter rights campaign

CNN reports:

“The gun-violence prevention organizations March For Our Lives, Brady and Team Enough launched a joint campaign on Wednesday focused on voting rights in an effort to highlight the link between gun violence prevention and democracy. The groups are releasing a report, “Accessing Democracy: A Gun Violence Issue,” that focuses on four categories: voting by mail and absentee voting, voter registration, early voting, and restoration of voting rights … The tool kits will highlight information voters may want ahead of Election Day. Each kit includes polling location and voter registration information, vote-by-mail and absentee voting laws and early voting options, as well as the status of voting rights for citizens with misdemeanor or felony records. The kits also provide “action plans” for the states. For example, the Arizona tool kit instructs how to contact Gov. Doug Ducey and Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, including directing voters to a landing page that uses the platform FastAction to directly connect citizens to their representatives. There, they can send messages to officials asking for the government to “expand equitable access to voting” and requesting actions including mailing ballots to eligible voters, extending in-person early voting, repealing voter ID laws and supplying personal protective equipment to poll workers …”

At first inspection, this looks more like a general effort by leftist front groups to encourage people to vote.  Gun control groups have never been able to generate their own voting block around their issue.  Their campaign may have some success, indirectly impacting gun control efforts, but I still don’t see their issues as having gotten more popular with the public.

Nevertheless, this is something NRA and other gun groups ought to be doing at both the federal and state level as 2A does have a voting constituency.

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