Pissing off the right people

A local Democrat functionary pisses off meathead Mom. The Yonker’s Times reports:

“A Facebook post last week by Yonkers small businessman and democratic political leader John Khader drew a harsh response from local gun safety —organizations including Mom’s Demand Action … On June 2, John Khader posted a photo of a gun with bullets, and commented “unconfirmed reports of protestors/rioters in my hood ready for anything … Barry Graubart, a member of Mom’s Demand Action in New York, responded to Khader’s post, writing, “I was appalled to see this post on Facebook and Instagram today, threatening protesters with violence with what appears to be a short-barreled pistol-grip pump-action shotgun. These weapons are often referred to colloquially as a “zombie killer” … “

That’s hilarious.

“… The photo was posted under the account “Johnny Limo”, which belongs to John Khader, MPAC founder and owner of Top Class Limo in Yonkers. Gun violence may be a joke to John Khader, but to many of us in Westchester, it’s a reality that has taken too many lives. And in the current environment, with people protesting for racial justice, with increasing domestic violence, gun violence is no laughing matter,” said Graubart …”

Barry Graubart is a laughing matter. Moms is a phony far-left gun control front group created by Mike Bloomberg.

“… John Khader said, “My post was in no way intended to promote violence. I overacted when I heard that there might be looting going close to my neighborhood. But I did it to protect myself and my family.” Catherine Schowalter, a member of Mom’s Demand Action in Westchester, said that, “It was the wrong thing to post. The 2nd Amendment gives the right to have a licensed gun in your house, but it shouldn’t be used as a threat to others.” Romano is running in a Democratic Primary for Yonkers City Court Judge …”

Wrong. The appropriate way to deal with the threat of violent rioters is with the threat of even more violence.  The hugs-for-thugs mentality is why part of Seattle is now governed by a warlord.

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