Primary candidates for Rockland Senate seat

The Pearl River Patch reports:

“Backed by an overwhelming vote of our membership, the Orangetown Democratic Committee has endorsed Nyack Village Trustee Elijah Reichlin-Melnick for State Senate in the upcoming June 23 District 38 Democratic Primary. Reichlin-Melnick is an elected Nyack Village Trustee, and is also the legislative director for State Senator James Skoufis, who represents north Rockland and Orange County …”

What is his position on 2A?

From his campaign website:

Working to end the gun violence epidemic and protect our families

The gun violence epidemic has taken thousands of lives in communities across the nation and impacts all of us. Children, teachers, and parents now live in fear that deadly violence could shatter the safety of our schools. We must do more to end the threat of gun violence. Elijah is committed to fighting for public safety measures that will protect New Yorkers from gun violence including a ban on 3D-printed “ghost guns,” stricter measures to keep guns out of the hands of individuals with a history of mental illness or domestic violence, and more funding for school security measures such as a silent panic alarm in every school that links to local law enforcement.

Other Democrat candidates include Clarkstown Town Clerk Justin Sweet, Spring Valley village Trustee Eudson Francois, and Vladimir Leon.  I am unaware of their position on gun issues.

GOP candidates include William Weber and Matthew Weinberg.  I can find nothing for either of them as well.

Registered Democrats outnumber Republicans 2-1 in the district so whomever wins the primary will likely go on to win the general.  Reichlin-Melnick and Sweet are the only two with active election committees and the former holds a slight fundraising advantage.  It comes down to these two.  Make the call.

UPDATE: I have been informed Sweet is a member of the Pearl River Gun Club.

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