Punishing Ortiz

Following-up to Assemblyman Ortiz’s recent gun control advocacy comes this:

“The left-leaning Working Families Party will endorse progressive candidate Marcela Mitaynes in the upcoming race for Sunset Park’s assembly seat — hoping to oust Félix Ortiz, who had held the post for that past 25 years, the political organization exclusively told Brooklyn Paper …”

As with most other urban races the only way to have an impact, and punish Ortiz for pushing gun control, is to be involved in the Democrat primary.  Registered Dems out number Republicans ~9 to 1 in the district so whomever wins the primary will almost certainly win the general in November.  Running a Vote against Ortiz campaign, either by not showing up to support him, voting for Mitaynes or writing in another name, will at the very least cost him a lot of money trying to fend off his challenger.  Keeping his seat is all he cares about.  If promoting gun control forces him to put more time and effort into doing that, Ortiz may rethink whether or not is is worth it pushing the issue.

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