Justin Cohen Runs on “Progressive” Issues

Kings County Politics reports:

“Challenging Stefani Zinerman, who has spent years focussing on issues germane to her neighborhood, in the race for the primarily black 56th assembly district covering Bedford-Stuyvesant and Northern Crown Heights is a progressive Crown Heights resident, Justin Cohen … He is also one of the founding members of Politicize My Death, an initiative whose shocking name demands gun law reform. Their website extends the offer for people to make a pledge that, in the case that they were victims of gun violence, their deaths could be used for political means to get gun laws changed. It also states clearly their opposition towards pro-gun lobbyists and the National Rifle Association …”

This guy gives Mimi Rocah a run for the money in the race for biggest antigun crackpot up for election in New York in 2020.

He’s a white guy running in a predominately black area so he’s clearly the underdog. However, as with all primaries, turnout will be low so it is possible he could defeat Zinerman.

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