Bloomberg seeks Democrat nomination

Mayor Bloomberg is running for the Democrat nomination for President.

I see no need to cover his stance on the issues as New Yorkers suffered through 12 years of his statist bullshit. He is old, unpleasant and obnoxious. The only thing he brings to the table is money.

Will he be able to buy enough support to secure the nomination?  Consider this:

“A key group of volunteers who Michael Bloomberg is likely counting on to support his newly announced presidential run, and who represent a cause that’s central to his attempt to appeal to Democratic voters, told BuzzFeed News they are uncertain if they’ll support the billionaire in 2020 … BuzzFeed News spoke with 11 Moms Demand and Students Demand Action grassroots volunteers, several of whom lost family members to gun violence, on what they’re planning to do in the 2020 campaign, who they’re backing — and whether they’d support a Bloomberg run. None of them said they’d definitely vote for Bloomberg or that he was their top candidate …”

He spent tens of millions over the years on this phony astroturf and he clearly doesn’t have their loyalty. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come.

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