Rallies are a waste of time

Some people are planning on holding a “2nd Amendment Rally” in D.C. this Saturday.

This is pointless.  Do something productive or stay home. There is no reason to go to this event.

Politics is not difficult to understand.  Politicians, regardless of their party affiliation or ideology, only care about themselves, their party and their cronies and in that order.  All people who contact an elected official about their legislative agenda are judged based upon their ability to help/hurt that politician at election time, as well as their party and their cronies.  The ability to advance a legislative agenda is directly tied to one’s ability to help/hurt politicians at election time.  The higher up the elected office the more likely this is to be true.  This is absolutely true in Albany.

Knowing this, those considering going to this event should ask themselves the following questions:

  1. Will this rally help/hurt any member of Congress’ chances during the 2020 elections?  No.  Do you see any pro-gun politicians asking 2A supporters to hold rallies?  No.
  2. Will this rally help advance a pro-gun legislative agenda?  No.  Electeds won’t even notice it.  It’s being held on a weekend when Congress isn’t in session and many members aren’t even in town so they won’t care.
  3. Will this rally raise money for a cause?  No, and it isn’t being billed as a fundraiser.

Activism is a finite resource and wasting it does nothing to help the 2A.

With elections one week away here are some positive alternatives for gun rights activists to participate in:

  1. Attend a fundraiser benefiting a pro-gun politician.
  2. Attend an event hosted by a candidate or political party, meet with elected officials and party people in attendance and let them know 2A is your issue.
  3. Make a donation to a pro-gun candidate.
  4. Volunteer to help a candidate get out the vote.