Inappropriate response

The NRA responded to Senator Gillibrand’s missive by release a copy of her 2008 letter praising the organization:

“One day after Kirsten Gillibrand slammed the National Rifle Association (NRA) as the “worst organization in this country,” the group on Monday posted an effusive letter it received from Gillibrand in 2008 in which she praised “the work that the NRA does to protect gun owners rights” and said she hoped to work with it “for many years in Congress.” … “I want to be very clear that I always have and always will believe that the correct interpretation of the 2nd amendment [sic] is that it applies to an individual’s right to carry guns, and does not apply generally to the National Guard or a group of individuals in a State,” Gillibrand wrote to Cox, following what she described as a meeting with him the previous August …”

If NRA thinks this is going to embarrass her it won’t work.  Our elected officials have done so much worse than flip-flop and lie on issues.

The reason for the flip-flop is because Democrats, especially NYC-area ones, don’t see the NRA and 2A as important because NRA refuses to get involved with Democrat politics.  I have had elected Democrats explicitly say this is the problem, not so much guns themselves.  The only way to get back at them is to be involved in their selection and election processes, especially the primaries where most urban races are decided.  This is what other groups do and there is nothing stopping NRA from doing the same.

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