Why bother?

I found this amusing nugget in City & State’s article, “The rise and fall of John Flanagan“:

“… Gun control activists were swarming [John] Flanagan’s office. He was on their list of elected officials to target on their lobbying visit to the state Capitol on a recent Tuesday afternoon. Yet no one seemed to recognize the lanky Long Islander as he slipped out the front door to his office down the hall from the Senate chamber. It was just minutes until the annual Police Officers Memorial begins across the street, and Flanagan was eager to keep up appearances. “I’ve got to pay my respects,” he said …”

With the Republicans in permanent minority status in the upper chamber there is no legitimate reason for gun control advocates, or any other activist group, to waste their time with Flanagan.  The GOP has no ability to advance or block legislation in the Senate.  They are a total non-factor in state government in large part due to milquetoast Flanagan’s “leadership.”

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