A disaster for McCarthy, not us

Much teeth-gnashing from Carolyn McCarthy in the Times story, “Beyond Guns: N.R.A. Expands Agenda“:

“… “The last two years have been a disaster for us,” said Representative Carolyn McCarthy, a New York Democrat and a longtime advocate of increased gun control. “A lot of members are just afraid of the N.R.A.” …”

No, they are afraid of the voters who will come out and punish them if they support the antis agenda.

“… Ms. McCarthy said the group drew its power from its money — it has donated more than $17.5 million to federal candidates, mostly Republicans, since 1989, and spent millions more in lobbying — and the fear of political retribution …”

It’s not the money.  Never has been.  It’s the votes.  NRA has said in the past that around 25 million people consider themselves to be members even though actual dues paying membership is 4+ million.  I have an old media brochure I picked up at the ’08 NRA meeting which says “Polls show that between 10 and 15 percent of voters consider themselves an NRA member.” That is a substantial amount to bring to the table on election day.  The antis can’t claim anything remotely like this.

If their agenda was really that popular with mainstream America, the Brady Campaign would have as many members and supporters as NRA.  They don’t and it is reflected in Congress where McCarthy is pushed further and further out on the lunatic fringe.