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I’m hearing Eric Schneiderman is still trying to bring back S-6005A.  I don’t think any votes have changed, but people still need to keep calling the Senate.  We’re at the point in the session where a lot of stupid stuff goes on, backroom deals, etc. and we need to be careful it doesn’t slip through.

The NRA Blog give us some belatted coverage of the annual meeting, “New York State Association hosts 2010 Annual Meeting, 3-Gun Experience.”

An internal memo shows Joe DioGuardi leading his GOP rivials in a matchup against Kirsten Gillibrand.  He is trying to petition his way into the Republican primary as he did not receive enough support for an automatic ballot slot at their convention a few weeks back.  He was at the Westchester gun show over the weekend collecting petition signatures.  George Marlin offers some good commentary on the Republican convention follies over at Street Corner Conservative.

Meanwhile, some conservatives are not happy Rick Lazio has not taken a stand on gun issues.  Perhaps they should have thought of that before giving him their endorsement.

The Supreme Court will issue its ruling in McDonald v. Chicago either tomorrow or Monday.  Follow it at SCOTUSblog.

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