Guns and the State Budget

Turns out the Governor was not that serious about new gun control in budget negotiations:

“… What didn’t have bipartisan support and didn’t end up in the budget were any new gun policies. “We weren’t able to ban bump stocks. We weren’t able to broaden our background checks. We weren’t able to do the extreme risk protection order,” said state Sen. Andrea Stewart-Cousins. Though it wasn’t part of the budget, Gov. Andrew Cuomo did announce the passage of a new law preventing anyone convicted of domestic abuse from owning a firearm of any type …”

Bills in question are A-8976B/S-7133A and A-8717/S-6918.

Because some people cannot admit they are wrong, here is a reminder from the Empire Center that the SAFE Act cannot be defunded in the budget.

What did pass separately is A-10272/S-8121. Per WHAM news:

“… The legislation was passed to close a loophole in state law in order to ensure domestic abusers are required to surrender all firearms, not just handguns. The legislation prohibits anyone with an outstanding warrant, a felony, or other serious offenses from receiving or renewing a firearm license … the legislation bolsters the list of “serious” crimes, which, upon conviction, require the loss of a gun license and the surrender of all firearms …”

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