It’s always been about Andrew

As sort of a follow up to my previous post, “Progressive Dems Question NRA Ads“:

“A coalition of progressive Democrats are criticizing TV ads released by the state committee that knock House Republicans over gun control over concerns the spots are a stealth campaign commercial for Gov. Andrew Cuomo … Democratic committee members questioned the effectiveness of the ad given its intent to criticize Republicans on gun control. “The ad buy is not targeted to a region in which there are close swing districts, nor does it mention any Republican by name,” the letter states. “It appears to be a re-election ad.” …”

That’s because it is a re-election ad.

Cuomo doesn’t personally care about gun control.  His SAFE Act was nothing but a miscalculated attempt at raising his national profile for a possible presidential bid down the road.  So is this.  So is just about everything else he does.  Cuomo isn’t an ideologue.  He’s an ego-manic.  The Democrat Party is nothing but a tool for him to advance his own political standing.

4 Responses to “It’s always been about Andrew”

  1. Em Says:

    We have not seen the last of Jack Martins. Manhasset Press says he took a job with a Democrat powerhouse law firm….. So he will be back – as a Democrat. U r right Jacob, about FUAC. He once said “microstamping is a political issue”, before all the SAFE shit. They r all a bunch of fucking whores. Look at Gillibrand who was an NRA A. Whores at best. It descends from there to criminals.

  2. Em Says:

    Elaine Phillips already caved. What she does not appreciate is that WE voted her in. Not the people who are pressuring her. They did not vote for her nor will they ever.

  3. admin Says:

    In a way it is better Cuomo isn’t a “movement” antigunner like Michael Schimmel was. The difference is that people like Schimel push the issue no matter what the cost. Those like Cuomo, Schumer, etc. only try to move the agenda when their is a perceived advantage for them. If New York ever gets a movement anti in the Governor’s office things would be so much worse.

  4. Em Says:

    Absolutely Jacob. Everybody I ever knew from the old Soviet Union said “better a criminal than an idealoge”. Also, I saw these protest signs “my life is more important than your right to a gun”. Not true. When our freedoms are attacked, you are subject to be drafted into military service and sent to field of battle….where you might loose your precious little commie snowflake life defending that freedom.

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