He acted like a fool

Here is the new advertisement the Governor is running:

I do not think it is very effective. It reminds people about his phony SAFE Act which is still very unpopular north of I-84.

4 Responses to “He acted like a fool”

  1. Steve Says:

    What is your prediction with the conviction of Percoco?

    Do you think this will be the nail in Andy’s political coffin?

  2. admin Says:

    Little to no impact on Cuomo. Bad behavior like this is commonplace in NY.

  3. Steve Says:

    Alain Kaloyeros, the former head of SUNY Polytechnic and a principle target of public corruption charges that have engulfed the Cuomo administration, is rumored to be offering the United States Attorney new evidence against Governor Andrew Cuomo relating to the Buffalo Billion project once known as ‘Solar City.’ A source familiar with the investigation suggests that, in exchange for testimony implicating Cuomo in several ‘contracts-for-campaign contribution’ arrangements (and, likely, confirming prosecutors’ allegations against Lou Ciminelli), that Kaloyeros would serve a reduced prison sentence — relative to what he could have faced if found guilty. [ 503 more words ]


  4. admin Says:

    Unless he’s got pictures of him handing Cuomo a bag of cash it’s not enough.

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