They’re all right

Some media coverage on the floor debate over S-7847:

“… But tempers flared over a measure to issue a new state license plate, called the “Guardians for Schools” plate. It would raise money to help pay for armed guards at schools, mental health counseling and security cameras at schools. Sen. Brad Hoylman, a Democrat from Manhattan, called the bill “meaningless.” “It is so harebrained to think that we are actually attempting to address the serious issue of gun violence with a new license plate,” Hoylman said. “I am compelled to vote no.” …”

Hoylman is right.  The license plate idea is dumb.

“… The bill’s sponsor, Republican Sen. Jim Tedisco from Schenectady, was angered by the remarks. He accused Democrats of having a double standard. He said the Democrats do not object to armed guards at the State Capitol, yet some Democrats voted against the school safety enhancement measures. “Hypocrites! Shameless!” Tedisco shouted. “You want our law enforcement officials in the LOB (Legislative Office Building) and the Capitol to protect you, but don’t put them in the schools.” …”

Tedisco is right.  Democrats are hypocritical over armed guards.

“… Senate Deputy Democratic Leader Michael Gianaris, from Queens, called the license plate bill “embarrassing” in the face of the mass shootings, but said he’s reluctantly a supporter.  “I hope it makes you happy at the end of the day,” Gianaris said. “Because you are doing nothing to protect our children with this nonsense.” …”

Gianaris is right.  The bill is an embarrassment.  So is all the gun control crap the Democrat conference wants.

The reality is that neither the Republicans nor Democrats are the least bit interested in addressing the issue seriously.  In the end all we have a perfect example of why the New York state legislature is the poster-child for incompetence and corruption in government.

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