Possible GOP sellout coming #2

New York Republicans never learn that there is nothing to be gained by caving in to Democrats and fringe-Left special interests.

Exhibit A:

Republican Sen. Elaine Phillips on Tuesday in a statement endorsed taking action on specific gun control measures, including a ban on possessing bump stocks in New York and classifying mass shootings as an act of terrorism.  Phillips, a Long Island lawmaker, also backed a measure that would tighter restrictions on gun ownership for those who are convicted of domestic abuse, which gun control supporters consider to be a loophole in federal law …”

Exhibit B:

Republican Sen. John Bonacic in an interview Tuesday said he would be open to considering specific gun control legislation such as bans on bump stocks and extending the waiting period to purchase a gun so a more extensive background check is conducted. “These requests in my mind are reasonable,” Bonacic said. “Those are a couple of things that I’m going to be advocating in my conference.” …”

5 Responses to “Possible GOP sellout coming #2”

  1. Em Says:

    Yes Jacob! They learn nothing EVEN WHEN REMINDED! Phillips replaced Martins. I wrote Phillips last week reminding her of where Jack Martins political career is now after he fucked us. (“0.0, gone, done…..”) Second time I wrote her and she never answered. OK, fuck her. I voted for her once and that was the last time, as I promised her.

  2. Em Says:

    BTW, no surprise……

  3. admin Says:

    If Cuomo starts talking gun control, watch out.

  4. Steve Says:

    It’s not possible anymore, it’s downright assured. He is trying everything he can now to look good for his re-election bid. Also, with a now know actress possibly entering the primary against him, he will need to do this to keep the left from turning on him.

  5. Christopher Stehling Says:

    The Safe Act Can be used to show why Cuomo is not fit to be Governor. It was not the Safe School & School Bus Act. It does nothing to protect students on campus or on a bus. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dvKXJ6VTlAM

    Combine this with a Government awash in corruption at the top: Silver, Skelos, Percocco (which he couldn’t find)#trickledowncorruption and it all goes down the toilet for Andy#CorruptCuomo.

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