Due process or not

Aside from their position on guns, what is the main difference between a pro and antigun legislator?

Their position on due process.

Exhibit A:Taking guns from dangerous hands

“… Sen. Brad Hoylman is urging colleagues to take action on his legislation that would take guns away from domestic abusers.  Hoylman, D-Manhattan, is calling on fellow senators to revisit and pass his Safe Homes Act (S.67) which would allow law enforcement to remove firearms from homes where a domestic abuse arrest is made … Specifically, Hoylman’s legislation would require police responding to a domestic violence incident to determine whether there are firearms present at the scene, and if an arrest is made, re-move the guns and gun licenses until the court adjudicating the offense authorizes their release …”

Exhibit B: “GOP lawmaker wants to keep guns from suspected terrorists

“… Rep. Lee Zeldin hopes to bar “known or suspected terrorists” from purchasing weapons that might be used to attack Americans. The New York Republican has a plan to allow the Justice Department to intervene when officials believe that a dangerous person is close to obtaining firearms or explosives … Zeldin’s bill breaks with analogous legislation by requiring the Justice Department to initiate a legal process to block a gun sale. “The burden should be on the government to prove whether someone is a known or suspected terrorist,” he said … In any case, the final decision over a sale would be made at a trial, which Zeldin notes would allow the would-be purchaser to contest the matter with a lawyer. That said, the government would have to show only probable cause for suspecting a terrorist connection, rather than proving something beyond a reasonable doubt …”

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