He has no shame

Yesterday an Islamic radical ran down a bunch of people in a rented pickup in lower Manhattan killing 8.

Today Governor Cuomo, Mayor de Blasio and Police Commissioner O’Neill held a press conference.

While De Blasio mentions “gun safety” at 44:28, the Governor could not contain himself. At 46:20 Cuomo chimes in about his SAFE Act and his desire to see it taken nationally.

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One thought on “He has no shame

  1. I saw that news conference and could not believe I heard it even from that FUCKING DOUSCHBAG FREAK RETARD. Lets say the perp was succesfully prevented from obtaining a firearm by NY law. SO HE USED A FUCKING TRUCK. And that is a proof, Q.E.D., of OUR argument. If you want to hurt people you will. There are no words to describe the bullshit from……

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