Getting ugly

The battle for Westchester County Executive between Rob Astorino and George Latimer is getting ugly.  The campaigns are calling each other names: Astorino is a crook while Latimer is a tax cheat.

This is the most important race for 2A in the state this year, with gun shows being a hot topic which came up again during Tuesdays debate:

“… The two disagreed over allowing gun shows at the county-owned Westchester County Center. Astorino, who vetoed a bill that would’ve banned such shows, said Latimer was demonizing law-abiding gun owners. Latimer said gun shows sent the wrong message about Westchester values the same way hosting a pornography show might …”

As State of Politics points out, the outcome of this race has broader political implications:

“… But in the suburbs, bellwethers of New York’s political sentiment, two hotly contested races are underway for county executive that could shape 2018’s electoral landscape for the state. In Westchester County, Democratic state Sen. George Latimer is challenging Republican incumbent Rob Astorino, the 2014 GOP candidate for governor who is believed to be considering a second run against Gov. Andrew Cuomo next year … Both suburban New York City counties — traditional havens for Republican votes — have become more Democratic in recent years. But Republicans have hung on in the county executive posts, underscoring the low Democratic turnout in odd numbered years and the GOP’s drumbeat of a key local suburban issue: Property taxes … “If Rob Astorino were to lose that election, that would be seismic,” said Morgan Hook of SKDKnickerbocker …”

There are only a handful of New York Republicans who both are supportive of 2A and who I believe have the potential for greater things and Astorino is one of them.  It is important for gun owners to support him even if he ultimately decides against another gubernatorial bid.

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