Office to Prevent Gun Violence

Int 1470-2017 has been introduced to the City Council by Councilwoman Laurie Cumbo.  The bill would authorize the Mayor to create an Office to Prevent Gun Violence.

According to the bill, the function of the office director would be:

  1. advise and assist the mayor in planning, developing and coordinating efforts to reduce gun violence;
  2. engage with members of the community, elected officials, and other interested groups and individuals to develop further strategies to reduce gun violence;
  3. review the budget requests of all agencies for programs related to gun violence, recommend budget priorities among such programs, and assist the mayor in prioritizing such requests

The real function of the office director would be:

  1. to allow the Mayor to put one or more of his otherwise unemployable cronies on the City payroll;
  2. acting as a defacto lobbyist for gun control organizations;
  3. reviewing the budget requests of all agencies and recommending budget priorities which funnel monies to politically connected associates of both the Mayor and City Councilmembers;
  4. self-aggrandizement and positioning the director to run for elected office and repeat the cycle all over again

The bill current sits in the Governmental Operations Committee.

2 Responses to “Office to Prevent Gun Violence”

  1. Em Says:

    I love the term “gun violence” (leave it to progressives to play with words for mind control). So if I am beaten to death, or stabbed,…. that somehow doesn’t count or is not as bad?

  2. Em Says:

    If you think on it, it is even worse. “Gun violence” removes the responsibility from the perp and transfers it to the gun (object). That is the real issue.

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