Enter Trump

The Donald was sworn in yesterday as President.  The relief at getting rid of Obama and Hillary has worn off and the reality that Cheeto Jesus is now Commander in Chief has set in.

I was not impressed with his inauguration speech.  It was populism, not principle like Ronald Reagan’s.  Nevertheless, now we’re going to see if Trump is going to live up to his promises.  This is now on the White House website:

Standing Up For Our Law Enforcement Community

“… Supporting law enforcement means supporting our citizens’ ability to protect themselves. We will uphold Americans’ Second Amendment rights at every level of our judicial system …”

Knowing this, I will consider Trump’s 2A promise kept if we get this:

  1. A reciprocity law.
  2. One good justice on SCOTUS.

If he really wants to Make America Great Again I’ll add the following:

  1. Remove silencers from the NFA.
  2. Two good justices on SCOTUS.

If Trump wants America, Fuck Yeah! add this:

  1. Repeal the Hughes Amendment.

H/T: Miguel.

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3 thoughts on “Enter Trump

  1. You know Jacob, maybe we were wrong. Maybe he is exactly what we needed. A big fucking dick who loves conflict, doesn’t give a shit what anybody thinks, and will fight like a motherfucker all fucking day. Maybe our guy Cruz would have been too civil. Trump will get right down with them in the dirtiest mud pits, and that’s what we needed all along. He’s not going to take their shit.
    The left can always out protest us. Real easy when you don’t work and have nothing but time.
    Loved watching Hillary eat that BIG shit sandwich at inauguration.LOL

  2. Him being a dick doesn’t concern me. What does is that he ran as a populist, not an idealist. He has a proven record of supporting gun control when it was more fashionable. Now he says he supports gun rights. That’s great if he now acts on it, but what is he going to do if public opinion on the issue changes? An idealist would stay the course, a populist would not.

  3. Not such an easy thing for him to do. His entire infrastructure is built on our foundation. That is a huge inertia. If the scumbags were smart, which they are not, they would not directly confront him, but they are. As a contract engineer I have worked with tons of guys with that personality. The more they are directly confronted, the more bitter, petty, and forever is their ire. Schumer is surprisingly stupid. He does not understand. He has been in govt all his life and has never really dealt with these characters. Good for us.

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