The fix was in

Sen. Jim Tedisco admits the obvious:

“… Tedisco said he was impressed by what he described as the governor’s candor about their partisan differences. He recalled that someone in the room noted to Cuomo that he had campaigned against a few members of the chamber’s GOP conference in the most recent election cycle. “(Cuomo) said, ‘You can’t call that campaigning,’” Tedisco said — a sentiment sure to warm the hearts of the Senate’s mainline Democratic conference. The governor “mentioned he had $19 million in the bank (for his campaign committee),” Tedisco added. “He mentioned he could use that money very aggressively, and that he didn’t. He mentioned he could have done a lot more in terms of campaigning ….””

Republicans shouldn’t be laughing about this.  They won because Cuomo chose not to use his resources against them.  There is no way he did this out of the goodness of his heart.  Cuomo expects something in return, most likely that the Republicans support his agenda.  Cuomo’s agenda does not include modifying the SAFE Act.

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