Codes Committee Co-Chair

State of Politics reports that Diane Savino will be a vice chairwoman of the Senate Codes CommitteeRepublican Andrew Lanza will be chairman.

Not happy about this as this is where most gun bills originate.  It’s been downhill for us since Dale Volker retired.


3 Responses to “Codes Committee Co-Chair”

  1. Steve Says:

    I guess the only hope is the Supreme Court that hopefully trump will fill with pro gun judges. I use the word “hopefully”.

    Lastly I thought that the republicans held the senate so how did a democrat get in their as vice chairman??

  2. admin Says:

    They have 31 seats plus Simcha Felder giving them a “majority.” They are keeping good relations with the IDC because at some point the Republicans are going to lose and that will be the end of them. The only thing keeping them going now is that Cuomo and *some* Democrats want them in control.

  3. Em Says:

    We’re fucked.

    Jacob is right. Just a matter of time before the NY Repubs lose the Senate, become completely irrelevant, and somebody EVEN WORSE than Cumhole is Governor.

    By the time the court turns, if ever, we will all be in the next plane of existence.

    BTW, I wrote to Elaine Phillips who replaced Martins. No response at all.

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