Chuck Todd’s prediction

Some thoughts on this:

Whether backed by Gov. Cuomo or not, Democrats are already lining up to primary challenge de Blasio next year so that’s going to happen.

As to de Blasio himself challenging Cuomo in ’18, I don’t think he could successfully do that. He is not popular enough in the City, much less the entire state, to do that. I could see him getting behind someone like Eric Schneiderman should he decide to run against Cuomo.

At this point a primary fight is the only way I can see us ridding ourselves of Cuomo. The NY Republicans aren’t functioning as a statewide political party and do not have a lot of well known people they could put up against him. Even if they did, Cuomo would threaten the Senate GOP again and they would undermine their own nominee just like they did Rob Astornio in ’14. What we need is a scenario where both de Blasio and Cuomo can kill each other off.

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4 thoughts on “Chuck Todd’s prediction

  1. Jacob

    Preet could be the key. Preet could be the key. You did say he may not finish his term. Unless someone decides to fall on their own sword. Preet isn’t done yet with Cuomo and maybe even De Blasio since he is under investigation.

  2. I agree Preet is the key.

    As to a 3rd term, I don’t think Cuomo has said he would run again. He acted a little funny after his re-election.

  3. With all due respect, we can anticipate only two possibilities for any governor in piece of shit NY. Terrible or slightly worse. As I see it, Cuomo is terrible, and Diblasio is worse. Any other NY commie will be in that same probability distribution curve. Who cares? Our only hope is in the senate and the courts, and that’s also slim pickins. Slim pickins my friends.

  4. There is the up and coming Amedore. We love him in upstate, and if he can pull a Trumpian maneuver to persuade NYC that he is their best hope for the brighter economic future that he is, he can take the state. He can do that. We are not lost, not yet, because we do indeed have reason to hope.

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