House Minority Leader Brian Higgins?

Some rumor mongering from the Buffalo Chronicle, “Congressman Higgins contemplating bid for Minority Leader?

Rep. Brian Higgins (D-Buffalo) is considering a bid to unseat Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-San Francisco) as Minority Leader of the House Democrats, says a source close to the Congressman. Pelosi is weathering a storm of critics following a fourth consecutive loosing election for House Democrats, who have been unable to retake the chamber since Pelosi was ousted as Speaker following the 2010 midterm elections …”

Exchanging Pelosi for Higgins would be a significant change for the Democrats both culturally and ideologically.  Higgins’ district represents “the deplorables“.  On guns, Higgins has been all over the place.  He started out as a D back in ’04, rose to A- in ’08 and went back down to a D this year.  This would still be a vast improvement over Pelosi.

While I can see a leadership challenge to Pelosi, I don’t think Democrats are willing to go that far.  Then there is the matter of whether the party would want both House and Senate leaders from the same state as Chuck Schumer is jonesing for the Senate spot.  I’m not seeing Higgins getting the job.

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2 thoughts on “House Minority Leader Brian Higgins?

  1. The big thing in nearest future is what will happen in the 4th circuit. Traxler came down for us but then the others took it up “en bank”. Thought they were supposed to adjudicate by now but never heard anything more?? They are not supposed to be swayed by public opinion but then almost nothing they do is what they are supposed to do for a long time now. This last turn of events was all good, but we’ll see?

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