Apparently even the Trump campaign didn’t think they were going to win:

“… The best data inside the Trump campaign and the RNC had Donald Trump’s chances of winning the presidency as a one-in-five proposition … RNC staffers thought Trump would win 240 Electoral College votes, 30 short of the 270 needed to win … The best data inside the Trump campaign was just as pessimistic …”

Amazing. Even more surprising is that turnout was down a bit this election:

Guess this explains why Hillary didn’t give a concession speech Tuesday night. She didn’t have one prepared.

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11 thoughts on “Surprise

  1. To be completely fair, however, 53% has been about the average for pretty much my entire life. The 2008 election was a fluke that turned out a record number of people because it was a historic election, the first time a Black person was a major party candidate. I just averaged out the participation percentage from 1968 to 2004 and it comes to 53.6% on average. So we’re just going back to the norm.

  2. “ding dong the witch is dead……..” She melted. Only flying monkeys left protesting, rioting and throwing shit.
    No words for how I hated that woman. Almost as much as she hated us.

  3. Crooked Hillary setting her sights on coming back and being governor of NYS? She could shove Andy right out the door in a primary, with all the overheated national and downstate support she has right now. Andy would be a very lonely man, I mean, when they weren’t spitting on him for opposing her.
    Would someone as crooked as she fit in, in Albany? Come to think of it, Albany is practically a tailor-made town for the likes of Hillary. She’d fit right in.

  4. We did it, we fucking did it! The battle for D.C. won, and now, the battle for America to begin. God willing, may we persevere.

  5. “Apparently even the Trump campaign didn’t think they were going to win . . . ”

    That’s what I thought about my dick the first time I had sex, but it turned out otherwise, much to her satisfaction, and mine!

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