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SAF is floating the idea that the Trump administration appoint a special prosecutor to go after municipalities which violate gun rights:

“… The Second Amendment Foundation suggested last week that Trump’s attorney general should appoint a “special assistant” in charge of defending gun rights … Among the first potential targets of a special assistant attorney general for gun rights, the group suggested, would be strict gun permitting laws in New York, California, New Jersey, Maryland, and Washington DC that require citizens to show a specific need for a gun before being granted a license to carry a firearm in public …”

I like the idea of going on offense with this tactic, but I’m not sure how well it would work.  We’ve already had some bad gun laws upheld at the Circuit Court level and any DOJ action would essentially be an attempt to re-litigate cases which our side already lost.

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6 thoughts on “Interesting idea

  1. U are right Jacob. The courts need to be purged of “progressive” frauds first. I believe that the courts have lost ALL credibility with any reasonable people based on decisions even more outrageous than 2A. ie. Asking for ID from voters is “racist”. “Affirmative action”, a fraud on its face. A school may ban the display of our flag on “cinco de mayo” cause it is offensive. DWI road blocks vs. the 4th and 5th amendments. Banking disclosures to the govt vs. 4A and 5A……………….and so on. They function not as judges, but as omnipotent wise elders. Not rule by law, rule by man.

  2. While a sputtering Cuomo, caught flat-footed by the stunning result of the election, is suddenly turning the State Police into armed SJWs against the First Amendment, with his Special Hate Crime Unit, gun rights activists are wondering if it’s a good idea for the federal government to defend the Second Amendment? Really?
    It’s time to use federal tax dollars in defense of that civil right known as the Second Amendment. Put the enemy on the defensive, and use the DOJ to sue Andrew Cuomo for raping our constitutional rights as Americans, overnight, with no public input, with his infamous and intolerable “SAFE Act”.
    IMHO, AG Sessions should prosecute Andrew Cuomo, until “Son of Mario” hangs by the neck until dead for treason against the rights of the American people, but a simple federal lawsuit against the thug would be a modest beginning, wouldn’t it?

  3. The problem is that Obama made a (brilliant for the enemy) strategic push to pack the courts with his operatives. He also kept the borders open with the worst, poorest, and dumbest from everywhere pouring in to be ward of the state democrat voters (we lost the popular vote). These are MAJOR problems that it would be VERY hard to undo in 4 or even 8 years. SCOTUS is where he could do the most good. But we need more than just one replacement for Justice Scalia cause SCOTUS had already turned even with Nino there (Friedman vs Highland Park). That old shit Ginsberg will stay there if she needs heart, lung, and kidney machines brought in as long as Trump is in.

  4. I am just enjoying the shit out of watching the scumbags crying, screaming, and having shit hemmorages. That’s the best part. LOL.

  5. “Not to mention the very ugly possibility that Trump himself will do a 180 on us (God forbid).”

    Then he would be like the kooks at Kellogg, who just alienated their customers, ordinary people, who buy their artificially everything, packaged junk, cereal crap.
    If the Donald can’t maintain his base, he has no one to support him, and is out in 4 years. He is not a man who is known for his ignorance, much to the chagrin of his enemies. Shorting the Donald has been a bad trade, to say the least. His deal with Carrier has made him a god among the American working class. Pure love. We talk about him at work. We’re happy with what we see, and he’s not even in office yet. He saved 1,000 American jobs, apparently, by doing little more than picking up the telephone. Yeah, on Thanksgiving Day, he sacrificed his holiday for us, but that’s Donald, and that’s why he has earned our respect. This guy’s for real.

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