The politics of investing

A few weeks ago NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer made a big deal about getting the City Employees Retirement Fund to dump stocks from firearm retailers.

How did that work out?

“After earning only 1.5% on its pension funds for the 2017 fiscal year ended June 30, the city will have to contribute an additional $732 million to the plans over the next three fiscal years … This is the second consecutive year that the city has fallen well short of its investment return target …”

That is what happens when you make investment decisions based upon politics and divest from an industry which has been on a roll.

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One thought on “The politics of investing

  1. Just another funny. The left is absolutely apoplectic in full hysteria about Trump. They are so fucking scared of him that I am just watching and laughing my balls off. Interesting to see the full media bias with absolutely no filter anymore.

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